Just Works

We love our clients and they love us.

Andy Pike of Quo Vadis Financial says:

Simply stated, hiring April and Wendy at Just Works was easily the best decision I ever made relating to starting my own company.  As a financial advisor, I have an expectation that clients do the things I advise them to do.  Along that same line, when I agreed to work with them, my rule was the same, “Do whatever they say since they are the experts.”  Without reservation, I can say that I’ve been overwhelmingly happy with the work they do.  My clients notice as do my peers in the industry.

I never gave much thought to having a “Brand Strategy,” but it has proven, time and again, to be an invaluable “guide” when I’ve had to make decisions relating to marketing.

What I find most interesting is the response I get from other people when they see the website or my business card.  The responses are usually, “That’s totally awesome!” or “What a great idea!”

When we started Quo Vadis, our main focus was to be different than all the other financial advisors out there, and that included our website and collateral material.  In the early days of the company, I attended conferences and went to presentations on how to do a better job marketing the company.  What I came to find out was that April and Wendy already had me doing most of the things being recommended.

My broker dealer actually uses the Quo Vadis website (www.quovadisfinancial.com) as an example of being different and unique.  April even designed the paint scheme in my office and I actually have people stop in who see a small part of my office, just to see the entire thing.  It’s awesome when someone comes in and says, “I love the paint scheme in here; can I look at the rest of the office?”

While a lot of things may change at Quo Vadis over time, one thing will never change and that’s my relationship with Wendy and April. They are the best at what they do.  If you decide to hire them, do what I did:  Whatever they told me too!  Stand by for uncommonly amazing results.  They know what they’re doing and they’re very, very good at it.

Christine Walker of 23seeds says:

I have worked with April and Wendy for over 15 years. They are my go-to resource for strategic design with a mind for business outcomes. Not only do they produce beautiful design work and engaging, targeted copy, but they do it with a mind for the clients’ goals. They ask the important questions up front, the questions that make the work smarter. Not only is it good business to work with Good & Evil Creative, it’s good fun – truly a joy!

Eric Bryning says:

As a marketing creative who’s worked on websites for brands like Energizer and Purina, I wanted a site designer who was a pro but not a prima donna. Just Works made my site easy to understand, complete and responsive—and reflected my brand rather than the fad of the moment. They live and breathe site design in the best “geek-meets-advisor” sort of way.

Steve Muir (Riverside Military Academy volunteer) says:

Working with April to create two beautiful conference displays was a real pleasure. This was an unusual project as it focused on a 107 year-old private all-boys military middle/high school in Georgia. From the start, she took to the time to understand the history and mission of Riverside Military Academy, and exactly how the displays would be used to maximize their impact, then selected the most appropriate photographic content to tell the story. One display shows the infrastructure, classrooms, and military side of the school, while the other is dedicated to the wide range of sports programs offered to the students. The presentations she created are striking and attractive to parents of potential students, while inviting discussions of the school and the quality programs it provides. April did a stunning job that exceeded my expectations!

Bob Kawakami of Hope Chapel East Oahu says:

April’s uncanny design sense is at the forefront of the ever changing industry. Always with the client’s best interest in mind, April delivers results beyond the client’s expectations. Her professionalism and people skills are unmatched. Her many talents also incorporate photography, making April “The Best” choice for your Advertising/Design/Photography needs.