Just Works

My name is April, and this is Wendy.
We are Just Works.

April Acquavella


Image instigator. Bezier bender. Strategy stickler.

Although April has a business degree in Marketing, she has always said that she’ll work in creative “as long as people pay me to.” She’s been doing just that for a decade and a half. As an Art Director, April worked on local and national client accounts at marketing agencies in Hawaii, San Diego and San Francisco.  As a pragmatic creative, April lives outside the artroom and lights up over conversations of branding strategies and target markets.

Having recently discovered a love of the 3rd dimension after her kitchen renovation, April looks toward designing spaces as her next design adventure.  She spends her afternoons covered in sawdust as a carpentry student.

April likes pastries, warm weather, photography, and visiting California and Northern Virginia. She currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Wendy Welch


Triple profession. Double major. Multiple talents.

As a macro social worker, marketing and HR professional, Wendy has a flair for communicating creatively. Whether it’s drumming up business or helping others do their own drumming, she’s passionate about seeing people and their organizations succeed.

Wendy learned the value of good writing early on. She wrote letters to the editor and got published. She wrote complaints to companies and got free stuff. She wrote bang-up copy for clients and got business…for them and their agencies in Chicago and San Francisco. Of course, BAs in English and psychology have helped Wendy in her 10-year copywriting career, but it’s Wendy’s love of a good puzzle that helps her write just the right thing.

Wendy enjoys theatre, fuzzy animals and comedy. She now lives in Ann Arbor, just minutes from her alma mater, the University of Michigan.